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Our professional team in action, delivering excellence through our recruitment service, matching top talent with remarkable opportunities.


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Glad to know you

Founded in 2021, we are team of HR experts in Hong Kong united by a passion for making people love their work.We believe that by putting people first, leveraging technology, and HR best practices, we can help companies grow by creating the best possible employee experience.

HR Plus Hong Kong consulting director  - Pearl Chan

Pearl Chan

Consulting Director


Emrys Lam


Meet Our Leaders

With a wealth of industry expertise, strategic vision, and a passion for connecting talent with their ideal opportunities, our leaders lead the way in shaping exceptional HR Solutions and fostering lasting partnerships.

HR Plus Hong Kong consulting director  - Tannistha


Consulting Director

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Join our professional community and stay updated with the latest job openings, industry trends, and invaluable career advice. Connect with us on LinkedIn and Instagram to unlock a world of opportunities and elevate your professional journey to new heights.

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Like a compass, our recruitment service steers by strong values, ensuring candidates find the right direction in their career journey

Our Value.



Treating all individuals with empathy, dignity, and respect.


Evidence-based approach to deliver measurable results


Our believe in  professionalism to create value for all parties


Operate with integrity, we build trust via deliver on promise


We own your success just like you would

Like Mountain Biking in the Fog, HR Plus set sail on a great mission to build a better workplace for everyone

Our Mission.

Building Better Workplaces, Together.

At HR Plus, our mission is to create a better workplace for all. As the go-to HR service company, we are committed to cultivating thriving workplace cultures, enabling businesses to attract, retain, and nurture top talent, ultimately empowering organizations to achieve their strategic goals with confidence.

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Hong Kong

Level 24, Lee Garden One
33 Hysan Ave
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong Island

Office No.
(852) 3959 8703

Opening Hour
Mon - Fri :10:00 - 19:00

Social Media

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(852)5301 0728

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