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female job seeker alert about job scam

Job Scam.

Your Job Search Safety
Shielding Candidates from Scams and Frauds

HR Plus (Talent) Hong Kong has been alerted about WhatsApp and Telegram scams where imposters pose as our employees. Learn how to avoid scams and support us in stopping them.

candidates holding phone about job scam alert

What is Job Scam?

Beware job scams on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, or WeChat offering high-paying part-time or overseas opportunities. Scammers seek sensitive info (Bank account, addresses, HKID) and may ask for a "Service Fee" to secure interviews. Stay vigilant and protect yourself.

We don’t charge candidates for any money

At HR Plus (Talent), we never charge job seekers any service fees during or after the recruitment process. If you're asked for money to secure an interview or job offer, be cautious—it's likely a job scam. Don't be a victim; stay vigilant against fraud!

job scammer trying to scam credit card information
Scammers use deceptive e-business cards

Scammers use deceptive e-business cards

Job scammers exploit e-business cards, posing as HR Plus(Talent) staff on WhatsApp and Telegram. Always verify the email domain and refrain from sharing personal info through these platforms to stay safe. ​


HR Plus (Talent) official email domain :



If you are not sure, report to us!

At HR Plus (Talent), integrity is paramount, and we take job scams seriously. If you come across a suspicious job ad, share the evidence with us via the email address below or report it to the local police.

Your contribution aids in building a strong case and raising awareness, safeguarding your loved ones from future scams. Together, let's protect the community and uphold the highest standards of security.

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