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Finance & Accounting.

Elevate Your Finance Success with Elite Accounting Talent

At HR Plus, we recognize that a robust Accounting team ensures financial transparency, strategic decision-making, and regulatory compliance. HR Plus specializes in sourcing elite Accounting professionals in Hong Kong, fortifying your business's fiscal foundation and amplifying growth. Elevate your enterprise with us and secure the talent that drives lasting success.


Fiscal Stability with Expert Accountants

At HR Plus, we recognize a skilled accountant isn't just a number cruncher ; they're the defender of your fiscal stability,  create cost-efficient budget, and manage accurate financial record. Elevate your business with the right accounting professionals with us. 

Taxation Mastery for Financial Prosperity

 A seasoned tax professional offers more than filing expertise; they're your financial partner, ensuring compliance, optimizing deductions, and reducing liabilities. Navigate Finance Success with the finest taxation specialists through HR Plus.


Internal Audit Secures Financial Integrity

Elevate your finance integrity with HR Plus. A skilled internal auditor is more than a checker; they're your assurance of operational excellence, risk mitigation, and regulatory adherence. Secure your business's future with the right internal audit experts with us.

 Executive Direction for Financial Growth

Elevate your financial leadership with HR Plus. A seasoned Finance leader offers more than execution; they're your strategic navigator, facilitate credit expansion, resource efficiency, and astute financial choices. Strengthen your business with the finest finance leaders in Hong Kong. 


Decode Success with Financial Intelligence

At HR Plus, we understand Finance Analyst is more than a data cruncher; they're your strategic interpreter, guiding informed decisions, optimizing resources, and driving fiscal efficiency. Secure your business's success with precise financial insights.

Achieve Fund Operation Excellence

A skilled Fund Operator isn't just a process handler; they're your investment orchestrator, ensuring seamless NAV calculations, precise portfolio accounting, and accurate asset valuations. Optimize your Fund Performance with our finest fund operation professionals. 

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