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Human Resources.

Empowering Growth Through Exceptional Human Resources Talent

At HR Plus, we understand that a robust HR function is the cornerstone of organizational success. It fosters a culture of talent, drives employee engagement, ensures compliance, and strategically propels growth. Our expertise lies in sourcing exceptional human resources professionals for mid to large corporate entities. Discover the power of effective HR with HR Plus – where excellence meets recruitment.


Exceptional Recruiters Assemble The Right Talents 

Uncover the potential of Talent Acquisition with HR Plus. We expertly secure exceptional recruiters, providing your business with a competitive edge in assembling the right talents for your diverse needs. Fuel your team's growth today – where talent meets opportunity.

Design Impactful C&B Policies for Lasting Growth

At HR Plus, we understand that Compensation & Benefits extend beyond remuneration; they encompass strategic benefit policies and performance management, where rewards are designed to attract, motivate, and retain exceptional talent. Hire your C&B talent with HR Plus, where impactful policies converge for lasting growth.


Strategic HRBP Drives Business Success

An adept HR Business Partner seamlessly integrates your strategic goals into HR practices.   Secures skilled HRBPs who possess the acumen to drive growth and mitigate challenges. Experience optimal HRBP placement with HR Plus – where strategic partnerships meet business success.

HRIS Unlocks Digital Transformation

Identify HRIS professionals adept at sourcing the right and secure HR technologies, optimizing workflows, enhancing employee experiences, and unlocking automation. Discover the power of HRIS with HR Plus – where technology drives transformative success.


 Training & Development Enable Impactful Change

Leverage Training & Development experts that cultivate skilled teams, driving growth and innovation while nurturing a cohesive culture. Seamless Onboarding and culture enhancement fuel engagement and retention. Elevate your organization with HR Plus – where knowledge enables change. 

Experience Optimized Administrative Efficiency

Hiring the right Office Manager and admin personnel amplifies your company's efficiency, organization, and client satisfaction. With our expertise, you'll secure individuals who streamline processes and optimize resources. Experience optimized administrative efficiency where proficiency meets excellence.

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Unlock exciting opportunities that align with your passions and aspirations. Your career success is our top priority, and we are dedicated to finding the perfect match for your talents and ambitions.

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Emrys Lam

Business Director | Hong Kong

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Hong Kong

Level 24, Lee Garden One
33 Hysan Ave
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong Island

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(852) 3959 8703

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Mon - Fri :10:00 - 19:00

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