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Construction & Property.

Building Success Through Exceptional CPE Talents

​In the dynamic landscape of Construction and Property, our specialized approach seamlessly aligns you with exceptional CPE talents in Hong Kong, they steer sustainable projects, create magnificent structures and reshape our urban landscape. Join forces with us, as we understand that top-notch CPE talents are the cornerstone of your business's progress and prosperity.


Steering Construction  Through Leadership

Project Manager leadership ensures seamless collaboration among architects, engineers, and contractors, resulting in on-time, on-budget project delivery. Trust HR Plus to connect you with skilled Project Managers who drive excellence, turning visions into reality.

Precisive Mapping with Skilled Surveyors

Surveyors are the navigators of accuracy, ensuring precise land evaluations, and project feasibility. Their expertise enhances project planning, mitigates risks, and guarantees compliance with regulations. Rely on HR Plus to connect you with adept Surveyors in shaping successful construction outcomes.


Shaping Infrastructure with Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers are the architects of infrastructure. Their expertise ensures structural integrity, safety, and adherence to regulations. Rely on HR Plus to connect you with professional Civil Engineers in shaping successful construction endeavors.

Empowering Building Systems with BSE Experts

BSE/E&M Technical expertise is paramount in ensuring the optimal performance of building systems. Our selected engineering talents bring intricate knowledge to design, install, and maintain crucial electrical and mechanical systems, guaranteeing projects are executed with precision, safety, and efficiency.


Maintenance Mastery by Facility Managers

Facility Management is the cornerstone of seamless maintenance. Expert Facility Managers streamline services, manage resources, and enhance tenant experiences. Trust HR Plus to connect you with proficient Facility Management professionals who preserve and enhance your building assets.

Boosting Asset Returns with Leasing Professionals

Leasing professionals are the bridge between property owners and tenants. Their expertise in negotiation, market trends, and tenant relations drives optimal returns on real estate investments. Trust HR Plus to connect you with skilled Leasing talents who are key to maximizing your property assets.

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